Friday, December 22, 2017



Kathryn was standing there on the patio, hearing the music of the party inside the home of her parents. She walked further out into the rose garden to escape the noise. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled the scent of roses and looked up. The night sky was blanketed with stars so bright it appeared she could almost reach up and touch them. In the distance, she could hear the barking of a neighbor’s dog. Walking over to a bench she sat down, removed her shoes and rubbed her aching feet. She will never get used to wearing high heels. Her long flowing royal blue evening gown was quite modest, yet draped over one shoulder giving it an elegant look, but at this moment she wished she had remembered her shawl for the evening air had a slight chill to it. Replacing her shoes, she sighed and stood to go, almost bumping into something hard. As she stepped back to get a look at who she bumped into her hands flew to her mouth.
“Jonathan, I thought you were in the Caribbean islands?”
“I flew back to be here tonight. After all, how could I stay away from the most beautiful woman on her birthday?”

“You say the sweetest things.” She commented as she hugged him.

Jonathan has always been in love with Kathryn since high school. Only he kept it a secret of how he felt about her. He thought he could never be in the same league as she is, with her influential wealthy family. Yet, they developed a beautiful friendship. At least the differences hadn’t stopped their friendship. Now as she was celebrating her twenty-third birthday, he plans to let her know how he has always felt about her. While he was away all he could do was think about Kathryn. He spent many sleepless nights praying and feeling an intense emotion of needing to tell her. That was the reason for coming back from his missionary work so soon. Looking at her now in the moonlight, he was wondering if she possibly could be feeling the same way.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked with a smile.

“Oh, I know you have another surprise for me, right?”

He smiled and hugged her, “Well you could say that.”

Her smile fading she looked deeper into his eyes. “I really have missed you. A half a year is such a long time.” Her smile, returning as she continued, “I am just so glad you are home. It makes my birthday even better.” She gave him another hug. “So what’s my other surprise?”

He laughed and kissed her forehead. “In due time sweet Kathryn, in due time.”

“How long are you staying before heading back?” His expression got serious, and she thought she saw something in his eyes, but what? She didn’t know.

“That will all depend on…” He was about to say (you) but stopped his words.

“Depends on what?” she persisted.
His eyes got darker as he leaned forward cupping her face with his hands and whispered as his lips touched hers,

“You.” The kiss was gentle, and she responded.He couldn’t believe she was responding, so he deepened the kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held onto him like her life depended on it. As they parted he looked down at her, her eyes closed as if in a dream world.

As they slowly opened, she looked up at him and asked breathlessly, “How long have you wanted to do that?”
He smiled as he answered. “Ever since high school, since that first time I saw you in the lunch line looking disgusted at the food.”

She laughed “The food was pretty awful.” She stopped laughing and got serious. “You said your leaving or staying depends on me?”

She turned away and walked over to a rose and touched it. “I don’t know what to say.” She whispered.

“You could begin by telling me if you have feelings for me.” He walked behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. “Could there be an us Kathryn?”

She closed her eyes at the touch of his hands. They felt so warm yet strong. It was as if an electrical current was running through her. She couldn’t think clearly. It was as if she was suddenly aware of Jonathan the man, no longer a boy she grew up with.

“I’m not sure Jonathan. All I know is I have missed you, missed being with my best friend.”

She turned to face him, was it his imagination or did he just see hope in her eyes. How many times he has prayed that Kathryn would feel what he feels. Does he dare to hope that his prayers were
being answered?

As she stood there looking into Jonathan's eyes, a shiver went through her very soul. She now is looking at him in a different light. He was handsome dark wavy hair and aqua blue eyes. At Least six feet tall he towers over her by a head. The aftershave he wore, smelled so good it tickled her senses. That wasn’t all she was aware of; there was something more in his eyes it both frightened, yet excited her at the same time.She couldn’t stop what was happening to her all she knew was she didn’t want her Jonathan to go away again. Her Jonathan, where did that come from?He shifted his weight, and she took it as he was getting ready to leave and in desperation, she said, “Don’t leave me.”

He took her in his arms kissing the top of her head as he kept saying to her,“I’m not leaving, not now not ever. I love you, Kathryn, I have been in love with you since the first day we met. I want you as my wife.”

At his words she held him so close, she couldn’t believe her ears. He loves her; her dreams have finally come true. Someone who loves her for who she is and not what she has, her daddy’s money.
She looked up at him with tears in her eyes and then he knew. He sat her down on the bench and got down on one knee. She couldn’t believe it; her heart was pounding so hard she was sure he could hear it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black velvet jewel case. Her breath got caught in her throat as he opened it revealing the most beautiful ring she has ever seen. It was made of white gold with little designs on it with a solitaire in the middle and two smaller ones on each side.

“Oh, Jonathan it’s too expensive.” He smiled as he explained. “This had belonged to my grandmother. It was passed down to me for my soul mate.”

She looked up at him at the word soul mate. What she saw there was so much love as he removed the ring from its box and asked,
“Kathryn with all my heart I know you are for me, my blessing, and my soul mate. Will you marry me?”

She could feel her cheeks getting wet with her tears, and then it happened. It just broke free like a dam overflowing. She felt warm all over with the new knowledge of her feelings. She was in love with him. With new awareness in her heart, she smiled and threw her arms around him as she answered,
“Yes! Yes, I will marry you, Jonathan.” She pulled him away just enough to look him in his eyes. “I love you.” That felt so good to say.

He couldn’t believe his ears, yet as he looked her in the eyes, he knew it to be true. He slipped the ring on her finger and took her hand in his.
“I’m about to marry my best friend.” She smiled a radiant smile and with eyes sparkling,

“As I am about to marry my best friend.” His kiss was just so sweet as he staked his claim on her, which she drew closer to him relishing the sweet kiss. They belonged together now he has his answer.
“The next time I leave it’s going to be with you for our honeymoon.”

She smiled as she melted into his arms and hugged him. “I like the sound of that.”
All of a sudden a rustling sound broke them apart as Tommy appeared.

“Well now isn’t this cozy.” He spoke clearly agitated at what he witnessed.

“Tommy, what are you doing here?” Kathryn asked

“Your parents sent me out to look for you. Am I interrupting?” he asked looking at Kathryn and then glaring at Jonathan.

“I thought you were away for another five months.”
Jonathan put his arm around Kathryn as he answered. “I cut it short. I had some business to do.”

Kathryn just stared back at Thomas (Tommy) Breckenridge. She knew Tommy wanted to one day marry Kathryn as well as her parent's wishes. The money it was all about money. She knew she could never marry anyone she didn’t love.

Now with her new found feelings for Jonathan, she was not about to let her family control her life anymore. She was going to marry Jonathan, and they can’t do anything about it. They will just have to accept it. With her head held high, she entwined her fingers with Jonathans and marched right past Tommy with Jonathan beside her and went into the house to her birthday party.
Seeing the two enter the house holding hands the room suddenly got quiet. The couple just stood there in the middle holding hands.
Tommy came up behind them and announced with sarcasm. “I found them in the garden looking too cozy.”

Her dad walked a little towards the couple.“Is this true Kat?”The pet name her dad has called her ever since she was little. Well, she wasn’t a little girl anymore. So with all the bravado she now felt she answered,
“Yes daddy it’s true.”

Gasps went all throughout the room. This was unheard of he has no money; he came from the poor side of town. His mother worked cleaning offices at night to feed her family after the death of her husband. They came from two different worlds. Anger began to fill Mitchell Perry as he looked to his daughter, but instead of making a scene he walked out towards the library saying “Kathryn, Martha, follow me please so we can talk.”

Martha, his wife, looked at her daughter and turned to follow her husband. Kathryn looked at Jonathan, and when he nodded his understanding, she let go of his hand and walked in the direction of the library. With his ring on her finger, it gave her strength to face her parents.
She stood at the closed door of the library took a deep breath and opened the door and entered.

Jonathan felt uncomfortable with all eyes on him. He walked over and got him soda to drink. He could hear murmurs all over in the room.

“What does he think he’s doing here?” He heard a woman say.

“Of all the nerve.” He heard another.

“Isn’t Kathryn betrothed to Tommy?” another one said.
Tommy walked up to Jonathan,

“You’re not welcomed here.” He told Jonathan. Jonathan just looked at him taking a sip of his soda. Tommy had what looked like wine in his hand.

“You know you have no chance at her, don’t you?” he said taking a sip of wine. “We are to be married. Her parents and mine are already making the arrangements.” Another sip and his drink was gone he asked for another one.

Jonathan gulped his soda down. “We will just have to see about that.”
Tommy threw his head back and laughed.

“And what do you think you have to offer her, a slum of a home? Do you think that would be enough? Look around you man. Look at what I could give her.”

“Is that all you think life is about money?”
Tommy sneered at Jonathan. “Of course it is.”

“No, it’s not. I may not be able to give her material things, but I can give her my heart. The greatest gift ever created by a very living God, love.” With shaking hands, he set his empty glass down and continued. “Life does not revolve around money. It’s about how one lives their life and how they can serve God. It's about embracing the gifts God places in their life.”

“Bravo.” He heard a woman’s voice say as well as clapping. He turned to the voice he recognized at the doorway and saw his Kathryn standing there clapping.
Then she turned to her parents who stood behind her and spoke,

“Another gift God gave to us is choice. And my choice is Jonathan. I love him with all my heart, and I know God will take care of us. Even if we did end up living in a one-room shack that would be enough for me cause of all the love in that home.”
Jonathan walked over to her, as she continued.

“That’s what makes a home daddy not a building, the love inside that building.”
She looked over at her mother and noticed the tears in her eyes.
“We used to have that once Mitchell, don’t you remember?” Martha began, “We had nothing when we first got married, and yet we had more then, then what we have now. I miss that. It seems the money only brought us separate lives. We are not living a life; we are only existing in it.”

Mitchell looked at his wife of thirty years and for the first time saw loneliness in her eyes.

“What have I done? I only wanted for my family what I never had growing up. I wanted the very best for you all.”

“Oh sweetie, I know you meant well. I myself had even gotten caught up in all this.” Martha said the last indicating the big fancy house with her arms. “I said my vows thirty years ago, and I still mean every word. I will always love you, Mitchell; I just want my husband back.”

That weakened the barrier around Mitchell’s heart.He reached out and wrapped his arms around his bride, “Will you forgive an old fool, Martha?”
She hugged him with all the love she still holds for her husband.
“I had forgiven you years ago. I was just waiting for Gods timing to answer my prayer. Now, my husband, there is another matter we must address.”

She indicated with her hand Jonathan and Kathryn standing there patiently waiting, Kathryn with a big grin.
“Umm, Aw Yes. Well umm, it seems I owe you an apology as well, young man. I guess the problem was, I saw too much of myself in you, and I wanted more for my daughter. Now as I am reminded, my wife is right. We were happiest before my fortune. Now I come to realize; you are what is best for my daughter. I see in your faces all the love and joy my wife and I have once shared.” He looked at his wife and continued, “Still share. So with all that said, I give you two my blessing.”

“No, she is promised to me.” Tommy cried out, as Kathryn hugged her dad than her mother.

“Young man its Kathryn’s life and her choice if you don’t like her decision then you can leave our home.”

Tommy threw the wine glass, and it shattered on the floor and stormed out of the house.
“Everyone it seems the birthday party has just turned into an engagement party. Let’s all enjoy ourselves.” Mitchell said addressing the guest.

Kathryn turned to Jonathan after her dad's announcement and threw herself into his arms and kissed him soundly on the lips for all to see when a sudden burst of cheers and applauds erupted in the room.

Kathryn indeed has received the best birthday gift ever, her parent's respect and Jonathan's love. ‘What more could I ask for? Not a thing.’ Was her thought as she gazed lovingly into the eyes of the man she loves, her husband to be.

The End

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Chapter One

On her metallic blue Honda Spirit motorcycle feeling carefree with no obligations in life, Alexis Wyatt was her own person. Going town to town and working when her finances run short, she lived a little on the wild side. Her long golden Blond hair and turquoise eyes and her average hourglass frame made any man stop and stare. Seeing a service station up ahead she stops in to fuel up, she stood and took off her helmet and set it on the seat of the bike. Walking into the convenience store, she noticed two men, one behind the counter and the second in front leaning on the counter talking with the attendant. Lexi walked over and paid fifteen for fuel. After giving the man a twenty, she turned her head to the other man and caught him looking at her. He was tall in black jeans and a tee shirt a leather jacket in his hand. She looked up and noticed soft brown eyes set in a handsome face with a classical shaped nose and stubble for a beard giving him a rugged look.

He smiled at her as he asked, “You traveling far?”

She took the five from the cashier as she answered. “As far as I want to go.”

“You have a nice bike there.” He inclined his head towards the bike out by the pumps.

She smiled, “Thanks it gets me where I want to go.”

He crossed his arms over his chest as he studied her.
“So where is it you’re heading?”

“Here and there, just around.” She said with a shrug.

“A pretty thing like you?” The cashier added.

“And what is that supposed to mean?” she asked with a glare towards the cashier.

“Don’t mind my friend here.” The handsome man said, “Tom you really need to have better manners. I’m Jayden Montgomery. And this here’s my friend Tom.” He extended his hand out towards her, but she declined

“Jayden, I’m going to go now and Fuel up. If you’ll excuse me.” As she turned to leave she heard the cashier comment.

“Now who’s being rude Jade?”

Lexi stopped and turned walking back towards Jayden she extended her hand out.
“Alexis Wyatt.” Retrieving her hand back from Jade, she turned and looked at Tom then wrinkled her nose at him and walked out.

As the door was closing, she could hear Jade's laughter in her ears.
After Fueling she was getting ready to put on her helmet when she saw Jayden walk out and over to the side of the building. After fastening her helmet secure, she could hear the sound of a motor start-up and saw an FXDI35 35th Anniversary Super Glide Harley Davidson pulling out.

“Ooh Sweet,” Lexi spoke to herself.
The Harley pulled up beside her, and from beneath the helmet, she could see that handsome smile.
“Mind if I ride with you for a bit?” He asked in his dreamy tenor voice.

She smiled at him and answered. “It’s a free country.”

His smile deepened as he said, “I was hoping you would say that.”

As she climbed aboard her bike, she added, “By the way, Nice Bike.”
She started the motor to her bike and took off ahead of him before she could hear his response. 

He watched a few seconds her backside and long golden blond braid trailing down her back. With a grin, he headed off after her taking him no time at all to catch up.

She couldn’t believe the nerve of this guy. Who does he think he is? Couldn’t he see that she wanted to be alone? No obviously not. She glanced over at him about the same time he looked at her. ‘Ooh, that smile of his.’ She thought to herself. Just as she was about to look ahead, he shot past her in front. His bike really was something. That’s when she noticed the gold cross with a dove emblem on the fender of his bike.

“He’s a believer,” she spoke to herself in surprised awe. She stayed not too distant from him or was it that he is keeping a pace where it was easy for her to keep up. She knows the capability of his bike; a Harley was the best make around. They are built for speed, if she could have used her parent’s inheritance for a Harley she would have, but that was way out of her league. She was glad for the Honda she was able to afford, and money left over to begin this adventure of hers, to see the States. So with a couple of med sized luggage bungee cord to the back of her bike and the house she grew up in now, hers locked up tight in Pleasant Lake Montana. She’s now free to fulfill her dream and see all she can with no worries.

Jayden slowed his bike to match hers and pointed to a sign indicating a town up ahead. She nodded an acknowledgment, and he again went ahead of her for her to follow him. As they approached the town it was fast becoming evening; he rode through the center of town towards a restaurant where she noticed a few more bikes parked in the lot. He pulled in, and she followed not really knowing why she did. He parked and got off as she did the same. Removing her helmet, she looked towards him as he approached her.

“I hope you're not minding stopping here for a bite to eat?” he said with that knee-weakening smile of his.

“Actually, I’m quite hungry. I forgot to stop for lunch today.”

He turned and walked towards the restaurant as she sat her helmet on her seat and ran to catch up with him. He stopped at the door and held it for her, as she passed him she caught the scent of a woodsy musk cologne. She stopped in front of the hostess stand as Jayden walked beside her.

“Hey Jade, over here.” A voice called out from a room off the main dining area.

Chapter two

Jade smiled at the hostess as he said, “That’s my party over there.”
“Yes, of course, sir.” She said as she smiled her sweetest smile. She watched as he walked past and towards the room. Lexi following close behind.

“I didn’t know you were going to be meeting friends? I could get a different table for myself.”

“Nonsense, it’s just a gathering of friends for dinner before the service.” He told her.

“Service?” she asked him as he stopped to hug a friend.

“Alexis this is Bikers for Jesus. Once a month we decide on a place to meet for a dinner gathering and a service at one of the local churches.” He said as he indicated an empty chair for her to sit.

“Everyone this is Alexis Wyatt. I invited her to our dinner, and hopefully, she would like to stay for one of our services.”

With everyone looking at her she smiled as warmly as she could and said,

“Of course I would love to stay.” Now, why did she say that, when she wanted more than anything just to eat and be on her way. Yet, as she looked into the kind faces of everyone around the tables, and the warm greetings they extended, she felt quite relaxed.

Jayden sat in the only other available seat which so happened to be the one across from her. She removed her black riding gloves and slid them into the pocket of her jeans, as a waitress came and handed her and Jade a menu.

“We’ve already ordered. Hi, I’m Gil.” Said a man next to her. Lexi watched as he extended his hand and she shook it,

“I’m Alexis, Lexi for short.” She withdrew her hand to study the menu. Gil wasn’t a bad looking man with medium blond hair and hazel eyes. In fact, he was intrigued in a friendly sort of way. As she ordered her dinner, she looked up and caught Jade eyeing her.

“Tell me what Bikers for Jesus are?” she turned to ask Gil. With her prettiest smile.

“Well, it’s a Biker club that does ministry work.” He answered obviously interested in Lexi.

“Ministry work?”

“Yes like going around and doing Gods work. Being His hands and feet.” Jade intercepted before Gil could finish.

“Oh, I see. I didn’t think there was anything like that around.” She turned to Gil.

“There are more Christian bikers out there doing the work for God then anyone’s aware of,” Gil said with evident pride in doing what he feels is his calling of the Lord.

“Yeah all being much as dedicated to doing Gods will as we are.” Jade put in.

“Really, this is very fascinating.” She said interested.

As their dinners had arrived, everyone around the tables bowed their heads Lexi included. When she hears a familiar voice say the grace. She looked up as Jade had stood to say the Grace for the food.

“Father again we humbly come before you and ask for Your blessings and Grace, as we partake in another service for our group. We ask that you bless all our newcomers and visitor. We thank you for this food we are to partake and bless our meeting as we come to You to do Your will. In Jesus’ name Amen.”

Everyone around the tables repeated, “Amen.”

“Hey Preach, Hope you’ll have a good one for us tonight.” A redhead woman nicknamed Rusty said.

“You bet I do.” Replied Jayden as Lexi began to choke on a bite of pork chop.

“You’re the Preacher?” she asked huskily while lifting her water glass to her lips.

“Yup, he sure is and a darned good one at that.” Replied Gil. Patting Lexi lightly on the back until her coughing fit subsided. “You two came in together; you mean he hadn’t told you?”

“No, he didn’t,” she said and looked at Jade while he took a bite of his steak. For some reason, he just doesn’t seem like a Minister type. In fact, he looked more like a James Dean biker type to her.

With dinner now through and they were all walking out to their motorcycles, Jade walked her to her bike and said, “You could follow me if you like?”

“Yeah, I think I will.” Was that another smile she saw before he turned to walk to his bike? For some reason unknown to her, she too was smiling as she put on her helmet.

It didn’t take them long to get to the small church up on a hill. They all parked their bikes and gathered at the door as Jayden opened it to allow everyone through. Everyone mingled for a short minute before finding seats. Lexi sat down next to Rusty when Gil came over and sat on the other side of Lexi. She smiled sweetly at him and turned her attention to the Minister Jayden. A brunette walked over to the piano and began to play. As everyone sang it gave Lexi time to study Jade, he was tall and very handsome with dark brown long hair touching his collar in layers. It was a neat long style not too unruly, but it was those soft brown eyes that held her attention. They were quite incredible. Every time he looked at her she felt as though she would melt. No man had ever had that effect on her before.

After the singing Jade asked if anyone had any testimonies to share. Rusty was the first to stand.

“Yeah, I have one. Ever since the last meeting, I witnessed and led twelve bikers to the Lord. I also told them of the many bikers for Jesus organizations. They seemed pretty interested in it. I feel they will be checking it out.” As Rusty sat down, Lexi could hear many “Alright’s.” and “Amen’s.”

“Alright, anymore want to give a testimony?”

Many stood up and offered testimonies, and after about a half hour, Jade began his message.
Lexi was getting caught up in the service and found it easy to forget Jade is a biker and is also a real man of Faith. For reasons she can’t explain, it warmed her in knowing that.

Chapter three 

After the service ended, Rusty turned speaking to Lexi.
“Usually these meetings are for a weekend with tonight being the start. You’re welcome to stay for the rest if you like to? For that matter we can share the motel room, I have one with two beds in it. This way you wouldn’t have to ride in the dark. Even if you decide to not stay for the rally you can still stay the night and leave fresh in the morning.”

Lexi smiled “That would be nice thank you. But I do intend to pay my share for the room.”

“You are staying then?” A familiar voice from behind her said.

Without turning she knew who it was, she turned her face to look up at him and as she did, and as their eyes made contact, a strange electrical-like current shot through her. She tried her best not to look affected and look and sound calm.
“I decided to take Rusty up on her offer of a room for the night.” She answered.

Raising one eyebrow, Jade looked even more spectacular as he said, “It’s a start.” Then to Rusty, “Rust you try and convince her to stay for the rally okay?”

Rusty studying the conversation between the two said with a crooked smile, “You bet, I’ll do my best Preacher.”

Back in the motel room Lexi grabbed her night clothes and went to the bathroom for a shower. As she came out ready for a good night sleep, Rusty walked through the door laughing with someone. After the service, Rusty and a few female riders went to a coffee house in town for more fellowship. They had asked Lexi to join them, but she declined needing some alone time. Now Rusty and another woman named Phyllis came into the room. Seeing Lexi, Rusty asked,

“Hey, Lexi, you don’t mind if we watch a movie in here. Phyllis’s roommate is already asleep. Or we would have gone there.”

Lexi shook her head, “No I don’t mind. I’ll just read my book.” Lexi lifted the book she held in her hand.

“Okay, thanks.” The two other ladies sat on Rusty’s bed and turned on the movie channel.

At about two in the morning, with the movie over Phyllis bid her goodnight and left the room. After closing and locking the door, Rusty turned to Lexi and said, “Hey, I really appreciate you letting us watch the movie. That was nice of you.”

Yawning and stretching Lexi answered, “That’s alright I got caught up in that movie you two were watching.” 

As both women lay in bed and talked a bit, Lexi made up her mind about the bikers festivities this weekend.
“If the offer still holds I think I just may stay and check out your festivities.”

Rusty smiled, “Are you kidding? Of course, the offer is still open to you. That would be great. That means we can be roomies for the rest of the weekend.”

Lexi smiled and yawned again which made Rusty laugh.
“Okay, I get the hint, goodnight Lexi.”

Lexi smiled, “Goodnight Rusty.”

As she settled down under the blankets, she had a smile on her face she couldn’t help but like her new friend. She was sure this would be a weekend she will never forget. Just before sleep took over, the last things she saw in her thoughts were soft brown eyes and a heart-stopping smile.

The next day was a sunny one with a few floating white clouds. The main street is lined with all kinds of motorcycles from all over, and the sidewalks were full of people milling around in conversation. Lexi was enjoying a walk with Rusty when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned so fast she lost her footing and began to fall when a pair of strong arms reached out and caught her in time. She looked up to thank her rescuer when she realized it was the man who invaded her dreams last night. He smiled at her as he helped her to get her footing. She was still blushing from that smile when she, at last, found her voice.
“Thank you.” She quickly looked down at the sidewalk. “I can’t believe how clumsy I am at times.”

“Well, I shouldn’t have startled you like that.”

She looked back up at him which was a mistake. As their eyes made contact, her heart did a flip. ‘Why does he have to look at me in that way?’ She thought to herself. ‘Doesn’t he know the effect he has on me?’ She let out a breath slowly then out loud said,
“Well, you have my attention. You tapped me on the shoulder?” Again with the smile that made her heart pound fast.

“I wondered if you had decided to stay for the festivities or not?”

This time it was her turn to smile. “Of course I will stay. Rusty and I were just on our way to the café down the street for some breakfast. Care to join us?”
Now, why had she asked that question?

“I would love to join you, two lovely ladies.” He said as he began to walk with them towards the café.

(To Be Continued Soon)